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~ photo by Vittoria

2015-2-26THR ~ One thing most of us share is a penchant for holding… in fact, you could say we are master holders! It’s just what we ‘do’… We hold onto the things the head says are important… now, you’ll agree that our breath is pretty important, as without it, we wouldn’t be in our bodies for very long… But, even though the breath is of fundamental and primary importance to the perfect functioning of our body, we are not holding on to it… nothing we’re holding on to- despite holding on to it because the head has deemed these things sufficiently important- not one of these is more important then our breath.. and we’re NOT holding onto that… (simply because holding does not lead to having- despite what the head has us convinced of… don’t take my word for it.. try it right now.. hold your breath, and then have more, hold onto that, and then have more… it simply doesn’t work!) so, why hold on to any thing? Why not let go and have!?

~ photo by Vittoria

2015-2-25WED ~

~ photo by Vittoria

2015-2-24TUE ~

~ photo by Vittoria

2015-2-22SUN ~

~ photo by Vittoria

  2015-2-21SAT ~ (note : first ~ 4 minutes of recording have some static.. then it subsides)

~ photo by LISA

2015-2-19THR ~

~ photo by KRIS

2015-2-18WED ~

~ photo by JRo (of JRo)

2015-2-17TUE ~


~ photo by JRo

2015-2-14SAT ~


~ photo by JRo

2015-2-12THR ~

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