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Welcome Om! ~ photo by JOSH

2014-12-16TUE ~ Welcome!

suddenly there is an opening.. suddenly there is light! ~photo by JRo

2014-12-9TUE ~ peace will always appear to be someplace else… balance, well being, love, truth, will all seem to be someplace else.. because these things can not be confined withing a word, in a dogma, in a box… but these things await you now, despite your insistence on believing otherwise…

another way of seeing... photo by Vittoria

2014-12-7SUN~  no matter how you might be interpreting it, or mis perceiving it..and the invitation is for you to not abdicate your responsibility – your ability to respond – and not simply default into reaction. .. the way out, is the way in…

The sun never sets on peace, but it can on drama.. if you would only allow it! ~ photo by JRo

2014-12-6SAT ~ so the ongoing, open, invitation is for you to come in, to join with your being, your heart… staying in the flow of thoughts is like staying in the street… and if you are in the street, it is prudent to be concerned with the traffic… but you are not in the street now, so don’t mind the traffic… and in this same way, get out of the flow of your thoughts, your commentary.. and just let them be…

same world, different experience ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-12-4THR ~we’re here to stretch, yes, but not simply physically… the big deal is to stretch into your innate capacities for curiosity and discernment, to interrupt your habit to divorce from source and dare to allow a whole new way of being in your body, a whole new way of being in this world… a whole way, and you could rightfully say a holy way

Truth can not be contained in a word... You can not be contained by nor fit into a box... even Hannah can not fit a box! ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-12-3WED ~ time is experienced when you are in your head. Time is a consequence of being in your head – seeing from within the boxes your head has constructed. It is important to remember this, because the things we are mostly searching for – the things that typically seem elusive -  are not to be found – nor had- in the box.. so until you are willing to step outside of the box, you simply continue to postpone having and experiencing what awaits you but is not in the box.. but your box (any box) can not contain Truth [writ large].. truth can not be contained in a word, in a box… nor can peace, nor can you be! So, are you ready to be curious about the more of you that can not fit in the box?? It awaits you.. it awaits your recognition… and it’s already you.. so there is no distance to ‘go’, so no time is needed, no effort is needed.. just a simple willingness, curiosity, and a bit of courage…. you do not need to practice being you! So the only question is… ready??

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Opening to being, opening to light, opening to a new way of being - with our light ~ photo by Marcello

2014-11-30SUN ~ I can simply drop in, just as easily as I just came in from the cold.. leaving whatever is not needed right now.. I can simply set it all aside, and leave it be, and just be here while I am here… letting go, allowing… and there by uncovering a new way of being in my body – no longer weighed down by what I holding on to, but lighter, more lightened, more in lightened – enlightened… no longer limited by the parameters that delineate the box I am in..

Easy Does It.. a gentel practice of allowing ~ photo by JRo

2014-11-28FRI ~ is not a practice to get better at ‘doing’ anything… quite the contrary! This would -by default- be an ongoing, never ending practice… and so why not choose to use your time here to practice something not yet so familiar to you? Why not stretch a little beyond the bounds of familiar and into what will necessarily be unfamiliar territory – Territory where all the familiar landmarks you currently use to get your bearings from, no longer mean anything... what then? How do you orient yourself then? And to what do you orient yourself? Without a compass, where is your true north, as it were?? (hint: your compass is within you, and always with you.. right now at rest, in movement, at peace in movement…can you name it?)

the light of day... illuminating everything... truth can not be contained in a word, a construct, nor in time! photo by JRo

2014-11-27THR ~ you can be here all the while ‘posing in the pose’.. and will derive little benefit from that type of practice… the more meaningful practice, would be to spend some time practicing stretching beyond the boundaries of your box… outside of all the specific parameters and rules and into what is now unfamiliar territory… where all the familiar landmarks you now use to get your bearings have no meaning – are not relevant… what’s left?? Where are you?? Who are you?? This is not something to ‘do’, but rather ‘allow’.. practice is not to get better at ‘doing‘ anything! What are you practicing??


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