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a blossoing flower like a blossoming heart ~ photo by Jro

2014-7-26SAT ~ and like the waves on the beach, which naturally erase whatsoever is ‘written on the sand’ as it washes over and recedes back into the ocean, each and every breath of yours, also has the capacity to naturally wash away any vestiges of whatsoever may have been ‘written in time’ that you might be holding onto… remember that the only way a line in the sand can stay, is if you endeavor to make it so… on it’s own, it is washed away naturally – just as any ‘malady’ presenting to you would be washed away, if you would allow it.

the heart of the practice ~ photo from Kristen

2014-7-25FRI ~ Do you know where that is? Can you discern it? When you are at the ‘edge’ , are you sufficiently ‘in ‘ the pose? When are you officially ‘in’ the pose? What are you actually ‘practicing’??

embracing savasana fully ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-7-24THR ~ and then allow that feeling to begin to fill you up – infill you – and it will, if given the chance to, it will fill you right up, and then literally spill over and out of you, and you begin to emanate this feeling.. and when you move from this feeling, and speak from this feel in concert… all things come to you.

more clouds, less clouds.. no matter to the sky... shift into that 'sky' place that is inside of you, and then simply enjoy the clouds ~ photo by Jro

2014-7-23WED ~ Chances are that once you’ve arrived at that place you deem to be sufficiently  & officially ‘in’ the pose, you have far passed your leading edge place… can you dare to back up and play (t)here, at the leading edge place? It’s at the leading edge place you’ll be more able to notice and to feel the ‘castle in the sand’ slowly washing away with the wave of each new breath washing in and around and over and through it… this is something to celebrate!

What was hidden (veiled) by the fog, now emerges and becomes seen... allow the answers, now veiled from your view, to simply emerge ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-7-22TUE ~ get swept away by the waves washing over them… the only way the castles can stay, is if you endeavor to make them… if the inspiration is moving you to build a castle in the sand, then follow that inspiration and have fun – build away!! Then, celebrate the completion of the movement, and allow the “passage of time” to reconfigure what you have made… relinquish it and follow whatsoever is inspiring you NOW! Be where the answers are… it’s where you are inspired to be!

You are of the moment - by design... so, why not drop into the moment and experience your Being? It's a whole new way of seeing ... a whole way of seeing~ a holy way of being ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-7-20SUN ~ the most natural way of being is to be fully present, because you are, by design, designed to function perfectly in present time… so, if you simply let go of whatsoever is not of present time, you’ll find a whole new world awaits you!

things sparkle in the moment.. to see the sparkle, be from where the sparkling is happening! ~photo by Jro

  2014-7-19SAT ~ You do not have to be attached to that line. If you like, you may draw another line, and then, that too will also be erased by the rising tide… and so it is with whatsoever ails you. Your ‘problem’ is just like a line in the sand. The only way that the line can stay, is if you endeavor to make it so… likewise, the only way your problem can stay is if continue to make it matter, give it weight, give it relevance.. The only things that can ‘stay’ [be] in present time, are those things which are of present time.. the problem you are experiencing is evidence of your insisting on trying to keep something relevant when it is not… trying to keep alive something of the ‘past’.  Let it go.. do not make it matter at all… then watch what unfolds!

Bodhi moving in present time ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-7-18FRI ~ Your inhale, is present time energy… then ‘time’ moves, and so what was a present time breath, is now past time -and so not needed, irrelevant, and not pertinent- so you relinquish it, you exhale which makes space to receive what is now being given in the now present time, another inhale… if you endeavor to try to keep past time energy in present time, you will not succeed – that’s like trying to hold your breath… and so, all of your maladies are symptoms of your trying to keep alive past time energies in present time… it can not work, and if you persist, you will continue to experience your maladies, despite trying to fix them… the remedy is to simply relinquish whatever is not present time, simply let it go – you have nothing to loose!

is this rising, or setting?? ~ photo by Jro

2014-7-17THR  ~ not only will that not work, it will have consequences in how you are “in” present time [how much you are present] and so how you experience life. ‘Holding’ is your way of endeavoring to try to keep past time energy ‘alive’ in present time… but it can not work.  The good news is that each and every breath, allowed to move freely in and through your body, will naturally sweep you clean and clear of any and all that is not of present time – if you but allow it… you must be willing to allow it – this is not a ‘doing’, a thinking, a finessing, a directing, an altering, or any of the myriad other ways you creatively keep yourself busy and preoccupied… it is simply you, getting out of the way… in other words, abdicating your willfulness in favor of willingness.

waves come in, and they receed ~ photo by Michelle

  2014-7-16WED ~ Let the waves of breath, that come in and go out from you – like waves on the shore- sweep away any lines in the sand you may have drawn, and simply be swept clean (swept into a more present time experience of the moment)

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