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Right where you are…

Dobby - sending peace

start receiving!

What’s at stake??


Not having your peace!

Hold & want …

Have peace now ... simply attune yourself to it!

… Behold & Have!

Breeeathe in your peace …

a sky full of peace

 it’s in each breath already!

Inhale peace… exhale

sunset on Maui

whatever would keep you from having it

Why not have what’s being given?



What is right in front in front of you?

blue blue sky...

Right in front of you..

Why not just embody what you are designed to be??

here, now.. the peace is yours to have

You can not “be” anything “else”!

The only requirement is you getting out of your way…

snow again today! it's wonderous!

so jump into your peace! Why wait?

Stop trying to “do” it …

Here it is ...

 …and it will be done!

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