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Out with the “old”..

beholding is not holding

Allow the gold (ie “new”)

Welcome to your moment…

welcome to the moment


Get ready…

Queen's Bath Kauai

there’s a change a “come-in”

This is important…

what stands in your way? does it really?

start now..right away, don’t delay!

You can’t use your GPS

there can be no shadow where light is

To find your peace

The map is not the place..

the map is not the place (photo by Shayan)

You are “In It” now… you are (T)here!

Lift the “veil”

where the sky meets the earth

 Just shift your attention

Jump in!

peace all around

All that is required is your willingness, and excitement!

Why delay your peace??

paradise.... it's right where you are, but we have to see it before we can have it..

Jump in right away! Like NOW!

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