Todd & Vittoria

Especially since I advocate listening to your guides, I must confess – and with some relief, and some delight – that here, almost four years after being guided to get these meditations available online,  they are here in this form – unedited – on the Blisblog.

There are many many people who helped me to get this going… often with admirable patience…. Laura Mansfield convinced me to use the meditations in the form of a “meditation show” and they generously host these on a morning show on their cyber radio family of shows – five mornings a week… her husband Todd is the one who thought that “FreeRange Meditation” would be a perfect description, and so a HUGE thank-you to both of them, as it demonstrated that there is indeed an audience out there who may benefit from these meditations, as many who can take the classes do now. It’s been wonderful working with them, and we continue to help to support each other. The FreeRange Meditation show will continue to be broadcast by them to all of you five days a week.

One of my long time students, Kris Jones (of Red Door Designs), has been suggesting these meditations be made available to a larger audience for about ten years now! With her skill in design and being able to capture and essence of an idea, Kris tirelessly worked to help Vittoria and I get Om Base up and running with a logo and graphics as well as help with design of our web site, which informs people – at a glance – of the essence of what Om base is all about. So thanks to Kris and her seemingly endless patience, and endless insistence, and font of creativity, these meditations are available!

Another long time student, Jeff Freeman (of Cosmicwrench and Jeff Freeman Photography), has helped us get our initial web site up, as well as formatting and making this BlisBlog possible, and has led me so patiently step by slow step (so I could “get it”) in learning how to use the software to be able to get posts up here on the BlisBlog. It just couldn’t have happened with out you Jeff.. so thank-you!

I want to also acknowledge and express gratitude to my wife Vittoria in her support for helping to create, and to continue to support and nurture Om Base in an amazing way which only she can.  Vittoria was maybe the first person to say that these meditations should be made available to as broad an audience as possible… and her continued support has helped to make this possible. So thanks honey for all you do day to day to make sure it all keeps running as if by magic! I do love you.   🙂

And to my students – both current as well as those earlier – who all teach me so much.  I finally got this year that if I am not in fact learning, then I am not in fact teaching... these meditations come naturally from tuning in, and then simply daring to speak what it is that needs to be given voice to…. and ostensibly, it appears as though these words and what is being conveyed are for those who are listening, but they are for me as well, and we all – with our yearning and curiosity and generosity of spirit – make these possible…

So thank-you all

Please help to spread the word… spread the link, and help suport this in any way you are moved to, and can!!