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these flowers are plugged in... that's how they come into full bloom naturally ~ phot by JRo

2014-10-21TUE – being tuned in, plugged in, connected and being the evidence of Being, Moving, Balance, Peace, Joy, Love, Light inbodied [embodied] … what would that feel like?

It’s yours to have, if you will have it… it awaits you.. don’t wait for it!

Nature does not busy itself with holding.. it is opening, flowing, moving, blossoming ~ photo by JRo

2014-10-18SAT When you are busy holding, you are with holding – literally – and you are therefor holding yourself back… but this really is not happening because you are a part of the Flow of Life and the Allness of Being… and although it is not really stopping or altering the Flow, the strategy of holding is familiar to us, and so comforting, and gives us the semblance of being in control and being supported.. but it only serves to keep us feeling apart from, and not experiencing our Beingness fully present and unfolding… holding is never part of the answer.

The sun is still (t)here - even if it is 'covered' by a cloud ~ photo by JRo

2014-10-16THU - Even though we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not (t)here … how we stay ‘blind to Truth’

the landing ~ photo by JRo

2014-10-14TUE ~ interrupt your holding [stop with holding] and simply pause… for a spell… things start to shift naturally.. back to balance.

Another perspective... ~ photo by JRo

2014-10-9THR- so, why not just allow the natural flow to flow through you as you, and then see what happens naturally?? You’ll be amazed as you experience ‘kinks’ suddenly disappeared ! Can you stretch enough to be open enough and curious enough to allow the inevitability of this to unfold??

A part of the "WHOLE" ~ photo by JRO

2014-10-9THR – Your holding patterns are familiar to you, and so seem normal, even ‘right’.. but these very same holding patterns engaged are exactly how you keep yourself feeling apart from the very thing you are intrinsically a part of.

Evidence of life force in bloom ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-10-7TUE ~ yes, a regular old garden hose… they work pretty darn well in simply – effortlessly- spreading life life force as water, where it is needed, and where it otherwise might not flow.

- photo by Michele

2014-10-5SUN – learning to discern the difference between the holding, that gets in your way, and the active, appropriate way of using your muscles… your commitment to your current commitments you are vested in and holding onto – although not wrong- deprives you of having peace right now, well being right now, abundance right now, right here ….

Can you let the sunset on whatsoever you are holding onto tonight? ~ photo by Nikki

2014-10-4SAT ~ until and unless you stop practicing interrupting the holding which prevents you from seeing and recognizing what is yours to have right now, right where you are being…

you are either allowing or not... so either receiving or not, so either having or not... what are you actually embodying right now? ~ photo by JRo

2014-10-2THR to stretch beyond what we now deem to be ‘right’, and correct, and what is now most familiar to us… for if we simply abide here – no matter what we engage in – no matter the commitment to the endeavor or the intensity of it – the very things we beleive we are advancing towards, will continue to evade us..

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