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the sun - the source of light we see - is always present, even when whe do not see it - photo by Jro

2014-8-17SUN ~ or we can stretch ourselves just a little bit – an inner shift – to ‘stand’ in a place where we will, by definition, naturally see the same things we’ve been looking at, but rather now, from just beyond our most habituated and most familiar way of seeing… where we can no longer be so certain of everything we are now so certain of… what then? What happens when what you now are so convinced is a ‘problem’ suddenly appears as the solution, the answer, right before your eyes…what then?

a walk in nature can help you to feel re-connected to Source ~photo by Vittoria

2014-8-15FRI ~ how far you are operating outside of your ‘sweet spot’ [power spot, balance point, place of peace, abundance, wellbeing, capital "I" place].. and the more you have committed to strategies with the aim to manage, curtail, minimize, fix, or otherwise change the natural consequences you will experience, as a consequence of your having ventured away from your source, the more you are committed to these strategies, the more you insure your continued experience of feeling yourself apart from, and away from and outside of your sweet spot…. The good news is, you can not truly get away from nor loose your sweet spot, because it is intrinsic to your very being, by Divine design… so, simply give your allegiance to what is in the heart of you.

Like a flower coming into a full bloom, naturally, in its own perfect timing... you too will blossom, if you will stop resisting it ... Your blossoming is not predicated on time, as it is unconditionally guaranteed ~ it's already You, by design - photo by EDEN

  2014-8-14THU ~ simply be curious to feel what happens spontaneously as you shift your attention to the heart of you… to that space of abiding silence, stillness, and peace with in…

Is the sun in the trees? So it appears... yet it is everywhere, it meets you wheresoever you are. ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-8-12TUE ~ you happen upon a deep abiding stillness, a silence… you are not thinking in this place, just experiencing peace, and from here, you may behold the more dynamic movement around you, and behold the movement even as you experience the movement…

Contrasts make it easier to discern ~ photo by EDEN

2014-8-10SUN~ and so, is by definition, new… now – in the moment. Whatsoever is not of the moment (present time) – by definition – can not stay in the moment, unless you make it matter, and bind yourself to it (attachment) … thereby giving it weight and so ushering it into your experience.  And, once you usher it into your experience, it will stay, until, and unless, you willingly relinquish it.  So, the way of balance, the way of peace, the way of joy [the natural way of being], happens spontaneously, seamlessly, and effortlessly, just as soon as you stop making something matter more then anything else… after all, if something is in fact present, in the moment, it must and can only be divine… unique.. indeed, but never the less, divine… our ‘job’ is to dare to see the Truth of this, to behold it, rather then try to hold it… and this speaks of a new way of seeing, a new way of being… the good news is, it happens to be the most natural, organic way, and will, if you but allow it to, unfold perfectly, seamlessly, effortlessly, all without your doing a thing to try and make it happen!

What delineates the boundry of what is now most familiar to you ?? Now, what is just beyond that boundary?? ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-8-9SAT ~ be open – maybe unexpectedly – to feel even more comfortable; and here’s the thing, the even more comfortable way of being, by definition, will be found outside the bounds of now  what is most familiar to you. So the real stretch, is to willingly stretch beyond the bounds of what is now most familiar to you…

Relaxing comfortably is a great first step! ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-8-8FRI ~ Interrupt the holding in favor of allowing the body to function perfectly, naturally.

Someone is speaking to you right now - communicating with you right now (your Guides) - and the only reason you are not hearing it, is that you are not tuning in to that frequency... tune in and know! ~ photo by Vittoria"

2014-8-7THR ~ except in your belief, except where (?)… in your head… so the big deal, the real stretch- the advanced practice – is to stretch beyond these beliefs [of limitation you are harboring] and experience yourself being, as you are.

Why not try a new perspective? Look up and be surprised ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-8-6WED ~ Simply lighten your grip, soften in your core…. begin to allow, and see what happens naturally.

when suddenly something comes into focus ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-8-5TUE ~ tune ‘in’ [be in].

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