Category: Free Range Meditation

purpley ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-4-26SUN ~

hmmmm.. (not thinking mind you.. just feeling into it) ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-4-25SAT ~

awash in color 2 ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-4-23THR ~

awash in color ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-4-22WED ~

being in the moment ... typically seen in time (ie when 'seen in time, 'being' is not witnessed) ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-4-21TUE ~ As ‘time is for practice’… while you’re here – for the time being – why not just practice ‘being’… keep it simple!

"I'm listening", says Bodhi, and although he is deaf, he does tune in and feel/listen! ~photo by Vittoria

2015-4-18SAT ~ the wave of breath, naturally, effortlessly, organically, washes clear what-so-ever was imposed by you… if you but allow it…

sometimes it's OK to just sleep in ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-4-16THR ~

in the 'thick of it'.. and it's all good! ~photo by Vittoria

2015-4-14TUE ~


you're on the path, even if you don't think so, or don't even know can not be disconeccted from it- except in your mind ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-4-12SUN ~


Awaiting treats... are you too awaiting a treat?? (no need to wait for that which awaits you!) ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-4-11-SAT ~

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