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Why not Immerse yourself in YOU ?? ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-3-31TUE~ We ‘create the world we see, because we experience the world we are seeing.but, we see the world through our [limited] perspective [through our filters, beliefs, convictions]… so, until we are willing to shift our perspective [letting go of what we now are so committed to holding on to] we’l continue to experience ourselves as though we are mired in what we see… but – no matter your coviction towards what you believe, it does not make your beliefs any more true!

Hannah reminds us to "Just pause and know don't need to be a 'copy cat'! "~ photo by Vittoria

2015-3-29SUN ~

You're giving your attention to something, right now... what?? ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-3-28SAT ~

Behold whtever is right in front of you... when you realy see it, it'll blow your mind ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-3-24TUE ~ It’s time to let the ‘new’ blossom… simply relinquish what you are now holding… it’s no longer needed!

Those who tune in, without holding on, are indeed Yogis & Yoginis ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-3-22SUN ~

among family & friends ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-3-21SAT ~

the path less traveled is ... your path ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-3-19THR ~


'Welcome Om' ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-3-17TUE ~


the river ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-3-15SUN ~


frozen sand & water ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-3-14SAT ~

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