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does space have a center?

you are in space, you are in center... now... can you tune in to that place?

do you have a center?

daring to feel good... w/o a 'dogma' ....

 is peace, is love, is spirit, is being, is Isness… and not only is this the space you are always in, it is always in you.. and not only is it always in you – it is that of which you are made! [it's what makes you whole.. and holy!]


the 'waves' are on the surface...

the feeling of the sound opens up a space… if you were to abide in this feeling place long enough… all the whatever that keeps you from center – all of it – vanishes…because you are in the place of peace, of answers, of source, of Being, of essence, of ISness

the light fills space.. so too do you!

Your orbit is determined by what you are focusing your attention on… so, where are you orbiting ?? why not feel into where the awareness is emanating from.. the light, the love, the space.. and attune yourself with that!…your orbit.. you are not only orbiting center… you are center!

You are timeless

 being you takes no time… so, if you are ‘practicing’ you’re in time… what are you practicing? Who are you trying to be? Where are you trying to get to?

just for the fun of it!

it takes no practice and no time… so, what else are you continually trying to be?

immersed in peace

why wait for peace?? no need!

you can not be out of the center of Beingness.. except in the bubble of your head..

  Suddenly peace engulfs you.. suddenly space supports you, suddenly you realize that the way in, is indeed the way out… so tune in now!

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