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Copy paper - not copy cat... Hanna's 'sand' box ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-11-25TUE ~ If you are in the habit of hanging out in the realm of the head, you will find that you can use absolutely anything to rationalize being in your righteousness, guilt, fear.. or you could choose to use anything as a gateway to peace, to balance, to come into an ever deeper alignment with your being, and the movement of the creative life force.

A new box for Hanna ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-11-23SUN ~ We could focus on the ‘stuff’ of which the boxes are made, or the size of the boxes.. but these are not so important.. but, if you shine the light of your curiosity and your awareness on the habit of making a box, and then maintaining it and defending it – when that becomes evident to you, with this new found ‘evidence of your complicity in postponing your havingness, you can now make another choice, and simply choose for having what is, and can only be, outside of the box.

the rays of light, radiate out equally in ALL directions.. this is the way of being ~ photo by JRo

2014-11-22SAT~ Practice is not to get better at ‘doing anything’. If your practice is to get better at doing anything, you’ll be in engaged- necessarily – in an unending practice.. complicit only in postponing having what awaits you now.

take advantage of being where ever it feels being OK as YOU.. ~photo by Nikki

2014-11-20THR ~ without having to ‘happen it’.. without happening it!  The ongoing open invitation is come in here where you are being, right now!

Things look different inthe light of day... they'll look different from your new way of being as well ~ photo by JRo

2014-11-19WED~ you do not have to wait, begin dropping in… take advantage of the time you are here stretching into a new way of being… the real stretch you are being invited to participate in is not merely a physical stretch, the transformative stretch, is stretching beyond your current way of being in your body – a different way of seeing, a different way of listening… beyond what now is certainly a more limited way, into a more expanded, natural way of being. … as a chameleon you are, essentially, ‘posing as you’, rather then showing up as you.. and this has no meaning for you, and does not meet the need…

nature reminding you that you can tune int what is amazing ~ photo by Alessandro

 2014-11-16SUN ~ We could do the same old same old, staying well within the bounds of what we usually do, well with in the bounds of what is familiar to us – and this is fine.. but this does not allow for the natural shift, the shift into a new way of being – a new way of being in your body, a new way of being in the world… and the invitation that confronts us, is an open invitation – yours to have, to embrace, right now!

more sky.. always new ~ photo by Cynthia

2014-11-15SAT ~ That adage captures the ‘way of the mind’… and if you allow it, it takes over – and once the head is in the drivers seat, the journey is endless.. you never really get (t)here… the point isn’t to win the game, but rather simply stop playing, stop buying into it…

another sky ~ photo by SPiKE

2014-11-14FRI ~ But your inclination is to want to contribute something in a meaningful way, so you start to add something, change something, or take something away… but these actions can only diminish your experience of what is already perfect… so here is a conundrum…. how can you contribute without diminishing the inherent perfection?? Simply by beholding the perfection, recognizing it, and daring to embody it, share it…

another sky.. same sky, another place ~ photo by SPIKE

2014-11-13THR ~ The ongoing, ever present, open invitation to come in... the head over looks this, because when you are out of sorts, out of kilter, the head can convince you to engage in yet another sadana, another practice… and although these promise peace, they are a false promise… they simply postpone what they promise.  A habit by definition is not of the moment, but rather of time, which means it can not be relevant to your well being, your balance, having peace, having abundance… you have to really pay attention to how you are engaged in the moment, because despite your belief about it, what you are currently engaged in doing, is likely postponing the very thing you believe you are getting closer to… the level your commitment is not in question, but what you are committed to is…

a new sky ~ photo by Mikey

2014-11-12WED ~ habituated ways of thinking about things, habituated ways of seeing the world around us, habituated ways of being in our bodies… so most of the time, you could say we are running on autopilot, automatic.. which means we are not really present, because the habits are born of the past, and have nothing to do with the moment we are actually in…

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