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If peace looks like it's 'over there', it simply indicates you are looking from time, from your head, and so peace will then appear to be someplace else, someplace other then where you feel yourself being... but, peace is always right where you are - always - whether or not you are experiencing it, having it, or not, does not change the truth, but certainly determines your experience~ photo by JRo

2014-10-28TUE  ~ This is time for you to be here differently... not having to think about your to-do list, your work, your friends or family.. this is time for you to be literally out of time [in the moment] … as long as you are ‘in time’ [experiencing time], you’ll never be on time… but, here’s the good news.. as soon as you step out of time.. you’ll find yourself in the moment, and you are suddenly out of the game and into life… having peace, balance, well being and abundance… you could start at what you now deem to be the ‘destination’, or, you can continue to ‘work towards it, and thereby postpone having it… what are you actually choosing right now??

Wholly in the moment ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-10-26SUN ~ The whole point is to embrace the ongoing invitation and to step out of time… and your head will ask, “how do you do that”? You can’t! You can not think your way in, do your way in… because you’re already in!!… you can not unplug yourself from the ‘spigot of Source’… you can not turn down the ongoing life force/ the Spigot of Source… any holding you engage in insures you are miss perceiving…

immersed in space... in peace, in abundant breath, abundant peace, abundant life.. in a word GOD ~ photo by Vittoria

  2014-10-25SAT ~ typically we are listening and interpreting as we’re listening, deciphering as we’re listening,  editing as we’re listening, be justifying, rationalizing… typically we listen from the realm of the head.. and if you are listening from the realm of the head, you’ll end up/stay in the head. From the perspective of the realm of the head, you’ll certainly miss perceive the world all around you… and see ‘problems’… what if you shift where you are listening from?? And your breath is your ever present reminder….As soon as you receive it, you have it… rest assured, you have it… no need to think about it, no need to hold it…. simply let it go… the strategy of holding (under any guise) only insures you postpone having the very thing it promises to deliver! Not sure? Try holding your breath, and see if you have more… you have more by letting go .. of what is no longer needed!

Being fully in the moment... naturally...organically.... it's your innate state! ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-10-24FRI ~ This pause place is key… hang out in it! Abide in it! Be curious… when is your breath going to start moving – all on it’s own? When is your head going to start tempting you to give your allegiance someplace ‘else’ [in time... memory] – and then, don’t take the bait! Anything your mind comes up with, only insures you stay stuck in your head, in time…. What happens if you slip right out of time?

absolve... dissolve... resolve... photo by JRo

2014-10-23THR – step one..absolve yourself from recrimination, from guilt, from ________.. and absolve the ‘other’ from recrimination, from guilt, from _________…..

Having does not happen in the future.. having happens only in the moment.. so stop waiting for that which awaits you RIGHT NOW! ~ photo by Cynthia

2014-10-22WED ~ thinking keeps you insular, while listening connects you to your more natural way of being – your innate state.

these flowers are plugged in... that's how they come into full bloom naturally ~ phot by JRo

2014-10-21TUE – being tuned in, plugged in, connected and being the evidence of Being, Moving, Balance, Peace, Joy, Love, Light inbodied [embodied] … what would that feel like?

It’s yours to have, if you will have it… it awaits you.. don’t wait for it!

Nature does not busy itself with holding.. it is opening, flowing, moving, blossoming ~ photo by JRo

2014-10-18SAT When you are busy holding, you are with holding – literally – and you are therefor holding yourself back… but this really is not happening because you are a part of the Flow of Life and the Allness of Being… and although it is not really stopping or altering the Flow, the strategy of holding is familiar to us, and so comforting, and gives us the semblance of being in control and being supported.. but it only serves to keep us feeling apart from, and not experiencing our Beingness fully present and unfolding… holding is never part of the answer.

The sun is still (t)here - even if it is 'covered' by a cloud ~ photo by JRo

2014-10-16THU - Even though we don’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not (t)here … how we stay ‘blind to Truth’

the landing ~ photo by JRo

2014-10-14TUE ~ interrupt your holding [stop with holding] and simply pause… for a spell… things start to shift naturally.. back to balance.

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