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out in nature.. present in the moment ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-1-18SUN.MP3 ~ Now, that is a bit of tongue and cheek, but, the point is, we typically wait, and we typically wait for that which awaits us… for no good reason… so you could wait, until you come here – until you come to OmBase – and then give yourself permission to let go of whatever it is, that has seemed to keep you from peace, that has been lodged between you and where you feel peace is, where you see peace being.. so you could wait to come here and give yourself permission to let go, and allow.. and you could make it all about ‘it happens‘ when I go to OmBase – or some other ‘special place’, but unless and until I go there, it’s not the same…. that could happen… or, you could substitute OmBase with something else… so we can set it up, in our head- some scenario -  that seems to preclude the possibility of peace, and thereby make it all about, our having peace be dependent upon things external to us – people, places, events, circumstances… the Truth is,  your having pace, is in no way dependent upon anyone, nor anything external to you.. that’s the Truth… [more about the bicycle wheel, and the contrast with the head vs the hub perspective of the movement of Life]

more amazing nature ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-1-17SAT.MP3 ~ and if something doesn’t feel good, instead of acquiescing, to that- something’s trying to get through to you [knocking on the floor/door] like, “hello”! So listen to if something doesn’t feel good, and instead of getting into your head, and trying to fix it, or try to think your way to something ‘better’….. stay with the feeling, stay with the feeling place, and make little, gentle, subtle different shift your weight, move your foot, move your hand, different prop… gentle, little choices.. and as you’re making the gentle, little choices, feeling into the consequences of the choices you are now making, so that it registers with you… without having to follow the protocol, the dogma – whatever it is you’re imposing on yourself – throw out the rule book… concern yourself not with the aesthetic, or the alignment, or how deep you are in the pose while you’re here today.. let’s practice in a wholly different way – in a whole way – let your attention, as much as you dare, stay with the feeling capacity that you have… … [more about the analogy of the bicycle wheel.. the rim vs the hub]

no need to analyze the content of the picture.. rather, simply feel it ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-1-15THR.MP3 ~ but giving your focus – your gentle focused attention – to the sound, this sound, the sound of the bowl.. you’ll hear it start to undulate …. let your gentle focused attention remain with the listening, and because it’s not words, there is no need to edit, interpret – nothing – just listening, feeling listening….

no thing need be decodd by your head... feel it and know ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-1-14WED.MP3 ~ in  the same way you listen to the [singing] bowl… not having to analyze it, not having to interpret it, not having to decipher it… in the same way you are listening to the bowl, you can listen to these words – practice.  And here’s the thing, as you start feeling into the larger conveyance that’s happening, there will be more meaning for you – it will be full of meaning -meaningful – not because of the words, not limited by the words, or your association of the definitions of the words you are holding onto…

we do not need to get better at holding, or doing, or thinking... consider this ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-1-11SUN ~ the body works perfectly in ‘present time’ [the moment].. but, in ‘time’ kinks seem to appear, and seem real as they reveal themselves.. but, the kinks are mere evidence and consequence of our holding habits – holding is our trying to keep things of ‘time’ in the moment… try holding your breath.. try now, and see how it works! It doesn’t work! Nor does holding on to ANYTHING else!

amazing nature of which you are a part of, despite feeling as though you are apart from ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-1-10SAT ~ is not contingent upon whatever may be happening out there… you can be aware of the ‘movement’ and noise.. but then come back.. back to something simple, like, checking in with your belly.. can you relax your belly? Have you started holding in your belly?? This simple thing, seemingly inconsequential, has a lot of  consequence… when you relax your belly, suddenly, you have greater capacity to some of your innate capacity – like discernment… when you discern, you learn…. it’s a feeling/knowing – not a head trip. … You’re postponing having support when you are busy and preoccupied with supporting yourself… don’t settle for the belief that you are getting closer to something you are already ‘one with’!

Are you burying your head?? Maybe that's why you are blind to what's really happening right where you are! ~ photo by Vittoria

2015-1-6-TUE ~ your guidance system is ongoing and available right now... but until and unless you tune into it, and listen to it, you will not hear it!  There is only ‘one station’ that is just right for you! And if you’re listening to anything else.. you’ll be heading / moving away from balance, away from peace, away from the answers!

more amazing nature ~ photo by Vittoria

 2015-1-4SUN ~ and having your breath – your next breath – is not contingent on a GPS coordinate.. but rather simply where you are… Simply let go – allow, receive and have… the natural rhythm of the movement of the breath, the natural rhythm of the movement of life… and you are a part OF it.. you do not need to prepare yourself, or do anything first.. the active part – your part – is the letting go… if you are having your breath, you could be, having peace… more important then posing while you’re here, is to experience the natural consequence of simply allowing and letting go, and so moving naturally into a deeper affinity and alignment with your well spring of being… when you get out of your way, your body moves into balance, into peace…

suddenly the sun is seen beyond the clouds.. it's been there all along, but hiiden from view, hidden from your perspective ~ photo by Jro

 2015-1-3SAT ~ We’re here to stretch… but not in the way you think… It’s not about thinking more, differently, better…We’re here to stretch… but not in the way you think…at all! The stretch is the willingness, the daring, the curiosity to stretch just beyond the beliefs you’re currently harboring.. a stretch into your natural way of being, yur innate way of being… which happens naturally, if you but allow it

watermelon radish... yum! ~ photo by Vittoria

2014-12-28SUN ~ you could wait… but why wait? We do, we wait all of the time.. we postpone dropping in for all sorts of reasons that seem rational.. but why? When you willingly embody peace, balance, well being… evidence for all to see in body [embodied].. then they too will drop in, and then, together we change the world! If you wait until ‘later’.. until the end of class, you’ll likely believe you were successful in achieving it! But the most natural way to be in your body is at peace, in peace, in balance, un defended… whatever it is you are doing now is keeping you focused somewhere where peace is not to be had nor found… you receive and you have not because of what you are doing, but simply as a consequence of allowing..


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