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I Am

I Am an expression of Life

I am closer then your shadow
When you see your shadow
you are not seeing me
but a consequence

Where there is light
there can be no darkness
I am
where you are

I am closer then you think
Your thinking only makes it
harder for you to see

I am life
I am movement
Hold on to anything &
you resist me

I am light
Filling up space
with out taking space

I am an idea to share

Be the answer, be the way, allow the abundance to flow through you today!

Be the answer, be the way, allow the abundance to flow through you today!


You be the answer…
Let Life flow through you, today
through you, like that! YEA!

Dragonfly dancing…

Ruby red wings soaring

Hovers over a flower,

Dragonfly dancing.

~Margaret Mallatt

Behold today’s grace

Behold today’s grace
One heart with Guides, I listen
Sweet Savasana

Trees beckon stand tall
Amongst harsh winds have no fear
Sway freely, deep roots



we break up heaven

we break up heaven
or so it appears to us
from our perspective

we break up heaven
with long ways we hold – habits
peel back the layers

revelation is
– the sky is not falling now ! –
despite what you think

inbody – behold
your essence sparkling
why not now?…and now?

the invitation
standing before you
here, right where you are

PAUSE…take a breath,  now
dare look again, through new eyes
what is before you?

Truth be told, Heaven
here for you to inbody,
allow and behold

A gift, given all
gratitude facilitates
receive, and so give

words cannot convey
but like sign posts, point the way
your heart, your compass

stay true to your heart
feel what is being conveyed
stay true to your heart





Dragonfly, butterfly, fly
messengers of God
Never say a word.

Fresh air in my lungs
I know the world…
through this breath.

Colorful food
nourishes my organs, attunes my chakras

THE word, A word,
pure energy
Keep it For Yourself.

Mosier hillside - summer

Collecting nectar from yellow and pink
sound vibrating pure joy
we know it’s a bee.

Nature doesn’t sing
It chants and buzzes breaking up space
so we can hear.

A bird was saved
cupped in hands
no fear.

The wind blows through my hair
reminding me
of my femininity.

Stars hammered out of tin
connect me to the earth.

Mosier hillside - summerThe GREAT VOID
birthed Expansion and Contraction
then birds, then freedom.

~ Christina Ankofska


Inhale, exhale, pause

Inhale, exhale, pause
The practice continuing
On and off the mat


I breathe and arrive

I breathe and arrive
Reach deeper understanding
Centered on the mat

~ Alissa


Spontaneously appears
Your birthright,    awaits

silly silly me
i forget to receive it
yet it is still … here

busy busy mind
so important!..never mind
oh so brilliant … peace


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