Dragonfly, butterfly, fly
messengers of God
Never say a word.

Fresh air in my lungs
I know the world…
through this breath.

Colorful food
nourishes my organs, attunes my chakras

THE word, A word,
pure energy
Keep it For Yourself.

Mosier hillside - summer

Collecting nectar from yellow and pink
sound vibrating pure joy
we know it’s a bee.

Nature doesn’t sing
It chants and buzzes breaking up space
so we can hear.

A bird was saved
cupped in hands
no fear.

The wind blows through my hair
reminding me
of my femininity.

Stars hammered out of tin
connect me to the earth.

Mosier hillside - summerThe GREAT VOID
birthed Expansion and Contraction
then birds, then freedom.

~ Christina Ankofska


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