This is an experiment in daring to share… daring to care… daring to give voice to deeper Truths, and then being curious to see what unfolds as a consequence… being curious to see the Truth, which has to be – which can only be – smack dab in front of you… we’re either seeing it clearly, for what it Is, or mis-perceiving it….

So if these meditations resonate with you – if you find any value in them -  please help to insure the continuation of that which you are finding helpful, and finding value in, by actively participating… jump in… here are a few ways : and they all help us to meet the need.. the need to pay our rent, as well as provide for the other basic essentials… when we dare to share, we in deed help to increase the “answer” and so help to support each other. and if all of us who are tuning into and listening to these sharings were to make even a small contribution, the need will be met, and sharing the links with others will help others find the way into their hearts, into their light.

I look forward to hearing from you, to meeting you in a class, or on a retreat, or a workshop…

In deed we can provide for the need… and this is a natural consequence of daring to tune in…

Thanks for your generosity of spirit



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* You can make a difference… you can decide to wear your light and so inspire others to wear their light.. you can help to spread the light by insuring the viability and the sustainability of this project/experiment in sharing, in caring, and by daring to share what you care to wear…. For you… and for everyone you know…

• Thank-you for caring to make a difference

• Thank-you for daring to be You